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"So thankful for North State Barbell and Coach Mike!! I have worked out at NSBB for over a year, and Coach Mike has made me stronger!! He is a wealth of knowledge, one of the best coaches + gyms around!!"

- Sarah Midkiff, 5-Star Google Review

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Michael Headley - Personal Trainer

I started training and studying about training early on at just 12 to 14 years old. I’ve always been competitive and athletic, to include competitive lifting, track and field (shot put and hammer throw) in both high school and college.

In 1988, I began to read articles and books to learn the methods of Louie Simmons of the Westside Barbell Club in Columbus Ohio. Louie was the first person to bring the Russian system of powerlifting to the U.S.A. I, and many other powerlifters, continued to learn the system from him and I applied it to my own athletic career for nearly two decades. I even visited his world-famous gym to learn and to train with him in 1992.

I retired from competitive athletics in the early 2000s and focused on my career in nursing until I retired in 2016. Then, I fulfilled my dream by opening North State Barbell Club and becoming a successful strength training coach here in Chico.

I have degrees in biology, Slavic history, and nursing. I’m also a Westside Barbell conjugate tactical certified personal trainer, Westside Barbell Rule of Three certified and a 5th Set Certified Powerlifting Coach.

"Amazing place and culture to be a part of! Michael is incredibly knowledgeable regardless of what your goals are. Just regular everyday fitness to specialized athletes.. kids included! Clean space, fantastic environment, and friendly people!"

- Loni Morales, 5-Star Google Reviewer


Michael Headley - North State Barbell Club, Chico, CA

Hello and thank you for visiting my website today.  I’m Mike Headley, owner of North State Barbell Club in Chico California and I’m personally inviting you come train with me at my popular and modern strength training gym.  You’ll love our friendly and supportive environment where all members are encouraging and happy for you when you reach new personal goals!

My training is 100% customizable to your specific training needs.  It doesn’t matter how strong you are or what kind of physical condition you are in when you show up for your first day of training.  As a master and experienced personal trainer – I know how to dive in and begin your training at precisely a level that is tailored to you.

I routinely train ages 7 to 70 years old, special needs clients, male or female, and I successfully help to rehabilitate people recovering from injury and surgeries.  I’ve helped, including but not limited to, back, shoulder, frozen joints, and neck injuries – as well as knee, hip, and abdominal surgery recovery.

The beauty of the conjugate system (read about it to the right or below) is that it can be used on any level of fitness and athletic goal you may have.  The system will be custom to your immediate needs and modified as you progress.

I’m skilled at training beginners with no prior training experience  – and even elite level athletes.  Local police, SWAT, fire and rescue, military, and first responders train here.

I’m the only certified special strengths coach in Chico and I have a gym full of good and hard-working local area people that will welcome you into our family!

I’m personally inviting you, right now, to use my contact form or to give me a call and set up your first training with me.  Take the next step and come visit us; make the next move in becoming a strong and powerful version of YOU.


The Conjugate Method - Louie Simmons

North State Barbell Club is only gym in the Chico area that uses “the conjugate training method.”   The Conjugate Method was first perfected by the medal winning Soviet sports teams of the 1960s – 1980’s.

It was further practiced and developed in America by my primary trainer and mentor, Louie Simmons.  I’m the only certified special strengths coach in Chico and I have many successful students who have pushed their strength past anything they ever imagined.

The Conjugate Method allows for training of ALL athletic abilities simultaneously within a short weekly or monthly time frame.

The Westside conjugate system (Louie’s gym – Westside Barbell) is the best of two advanced training systems: the Soviet system, where several special exercises are used to advance the training of superior lifters and athletes, and the Bulgarian system, where near-max lifts are performed every workout. The Westside system is a combination of the two.

Science has proven that training at a 90% or above for 3 weeks will cause physical and mental fatigue. With the Westside conjugate method we switch a core barbell exercise each week to avoid accommodation. The wide variety of special exercises will perfect form.

The similarities of the Westside conjugate system to the one devised by the Soviets at the Dynamo Club are obvious. The only difference is the exercises: one system for Olympic lifting and of course the other for powerlifting.

A lot of hours and work have gone into perfecting the Westside system. It has more variety, volume, reps, and intensity zones as well as exercises that literally number in the hundreds. It has been a 40-year odyssey of pain, work, and experimentation.

"The Strongest and Friendliest Gym in Chico!"

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